Conveyancing Solicitors Edinburgh & the Lothians

Conveyancing Solicitors Edinburgh & the Lothians

Residential Purchases and Sales

Providing practical and up to date advice

Stuart & Stuart’s Solicitors in all three of our offices in Edinburgh, Bonnyrigg and Penicuik have been acting for clients in relation to their residential purchases and sales for over 30 years

Having carried out thousands of residential conveyancing transactions during this time, we have built up an enviable reputation for the depth and breadth of our knowledge in structuring winning ‘offers’.

Getting the offer just right means engaging a Firm which has expertise and knowledge of the property market in Edinburgh and the Lothians and understands how supply and demand, at that point in time, should translate into the price you eventually offer.

Buying a property

Buying your new property means structuring the right Offer

As expert Edinburgh Conveyancing Solicitors, we undertake the legal process known as ‘Conveyancing’. However, this can only be done once you have made a successful offer for a property.

When you appoint Stuart & Stuart, the first thing we will do is ‘note interest’ with the selling agent. This means that we will be kept informed of any changes to the status of the property, for example, if there is a closing date set.

We will then take time to understand your financial position in terms of affordability in order that we can structure a suitable Offer. There is a considerable amount of skill involved in calculating an Offer which includes several factors such as current market performance, the Home Report Survey and the number of other interested parties.

We will then explain how we have arrived at our suggested Offer price and if you are in agreement, we will submit the Offer to the selling agent at the appropriate time.

If the Offer is successful

In simple terms, if the Offer is successful we then start the legal process which begins with ‘the missives’. At this point we will negotiate with the seller’s Solicitor the terms of the purchase and once we have reached agreement the missives are concluded and you will, at that stage, be committed to buying the property.

The conveyancing process can often be lengthy and in some cases it can be complex. Clearly we work to timescales to co-incide with the agreed entry date which means our qualified staff will spend as much time as is necessary to complete the conveyancing process.

It’s not about the cheapest conveyancing quote

Take a moment to think about the knowledge and expertise that is needed to structure the Offer and complete the often complex legal process whilst, at the same time, meeting your deadlines for the entry date.

We believe that our conveyancing fees are priced at a competitive level, reflecting the time which will be involved in taking a pro-active approach to concluding your sale.

Cheaper conveyancing firms often take a reactive approach which can often lead to a more stressful experience for the client.

We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and efficient knowledge based advice service and strongly believe that we deliver exceptional value for money.

Selling a property – Solicitors & Estate Agents Edinburgh & the Lothians

Stuart & Stuart Solicitors and Estate Agents in Edinburgh, Bonnyrigg and Penicuik act both as a Solicitor Estate Agent and/or a Conveyancing Solicitor for residential sales.

The ‘legal process’ for selling a property is very similar to the process for residential purchases. When a client is buying and selling property we will carry out the conveyancing for both transactions.

Our property department provides a full estate agency service and details of this can be found by clicking here

Whether you are purchasing a property without a sale or selling a property to purchase a new home we are happy to provide you with an estimate of our fees and outlay

For purchase quotes call 0131 222 9975

Or email us at

For sale & purchase quotes call our Property Dept. 0131 202 1888

Or email us at

How much does it cost to note interest in a property and put in an offer?

We do not charge for unsuccessful offers however if your offer is accepted you would appoint Stuart & Stuart to carry out the conveyancing on the purchase (and if appropriate sale) of the property(s).

If the property is advertised at an offers over price how much do I need to offer over the asking price?

This very much depends on the property its self, the condition of the property (detailed in the Home Report), the area, the number of other interested parties and of course your affordability.

When is a closing date set on a property?

It can vary but typically when more than 2 or 3 people have noted interest the selling agent may set a closing date.

When will I find out if my offer has been accepted?

There will be a time of day on the closing date when offers must be with the selling agent. As soon as the agent has had an opportunity to review the offers with the seller they will then inform solicitors who have made offers on behalf of clients of the outcome. Typically we know on the day of the closing date.

If the property is a fixed price will the seller accept the first offer made at the price?

More often than not – yes but it is also dependent on any other conditions within the offer. For example, if you offer the asking price but request an entry date 6 months hence they seller may prefer to hold out for a fixed price offer with a quicker entry date.

Should I buy before I sell?

That depends on your circumstance – however in the current market it more often than not makes sense to sell before you buy. We strongly recommend that you talk to us first before making that decisions.

I am buying with my partner does this pose any complexities?

With regard to the process of buying then the answer is no. However, you must consider the  complexities if you split from your partner or one of you dies.

There is no such thing in Scotland as common law marriage therefore it is imperative that you take advice on how to structure any agreement with regard to the purchase.

Do you provide mortgage advice?

We are not regulated to give advice, however we can refer clients to a Mortgage Broker who will be able to help. Please call us for a referral.

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